Throwback to That Time I Accidentally Destroyed the Gutsiest Bug

This is a note I found in my phone (because I like to keep a record of some of the–usually cute, sometimes funny–things that happen in my marriage) and I know it’s short and kind of pointless, but it’s January and life is hard this time year meaning my brain doesn’t always work the way I want it to SO this is all you get.

Charlie and I went on a dusky stroll and a bug landed on my hand. Rather than swat it and smear bug guts everywhere, I tried to daintily flick it away. My flick EXPLODED the bug so there were guts all over the back of my hand and each time I tried to flick them off, they stuck to my fingers. So both hands were contaminated, then OF COURSE my eye started to itch so I made Charlie take me home.