Blinding the Entire Ozarks

Life update: my husband graduated business school last weekend! To celebrate/because we were invited to crash a friend’s family’s Memorial Day celebration, we’re heading out to the Ozarks this upcoming weekend. That is, unless the hubs needs to stay away an extra week. He’s currently interviewing and/or meeting with 4 different companies in D.C. this week, still looking for that elusive post-grad job (side note: if anybody’s looking for a fresh MBA in the real estate field, hook a sister (‘s husband) up!!).

Because of this–the Ozarks, not the job thing–I’m currently working on edits to my book while sitting in front of a very sunny window (really, it’s because I’m a house cat). But I read on the Google that it *is* possible to get tanned/sunburnt through a window (yeah yeah, with extreme exposure, whatever), so I’m hoping this will help keep me from blinding the entire Ozarks with my winter-legs upon arrival.

Doing Math

That’s one of my favorite statements to yell when trash-talking another team in literally any type of competition. Rather than SCORE! or BOOM! or IN YOUR FACE!. It’s right up there with MONEY IN THE BANK! and the always fun (but least ladylike) SUCK IT!.

I don’t know why it always makes me laugh; maybe because when I really am doing math, it feels like something to shout about. Like, I’m achieving over here!

But that’s what I’m doing right now. Math. It’s why I’ve been a little quiet on the blog, and why I’ll continue to be less present for a little while. I have to do math.

My boss strongly encouraged (read: insisted) I actually start taking classes towards getting my RPA designation. It’s one of my professional goals for 2016, and (at least until I make enough writing to quit my day job) I am in the business of real estate, so getting some letters after my name is important if I want to continue to do well in my day job (read: bring home that bacon).

So, I’ve started taking a Real Estate Investment and Finance class. Because I’m all about going big or going home. I’ve pretty much chosen the most difficult of the RPA classes to start, mostly because it’s the only one currently offered at a discount by my own company, but also because I half-heartedly hoped I might be surprisingly good at Finance (spoiler alert: I’m not). And because if my husband ever decides to actually try his hand at investment properties and flipping homes, I want to be able to contribute beyond being the pretty face welcoming people into the finished project (because I sort of hate schmoozing and small-talking people in general).

The first class was overwhelming with letters divided by letters and all this talk about depreciation and capital vs. income and present value and my head is already spinning. Since we’re adults, they expect us to read the chapters in our own time and come prepared to class with intelligent questions and insights to share. It’s like a horrible senior capstone class in college. Except, my capstone was the History of Psychology which was incredibly interesting to me. Finance and investment is…not so much.

But it’s important, and it will be fantastic knowledge to have tucked away no matter where my day-job may take me, so I will be applying myself from now through the end of July. I’ll need to take creative breaks of course, so I don’t plan to neglect my blog completely, but for the stretches of silence between posts, I apologize in advance.

I’m doing math!